Stellar Painting

Project Description

Stellar Painting website shows just how important it is to be passionate to provide quality painting. The large paintbrush depicts the tools that are used in their craft. The stars and constellations in drips of paint stand out to show just how out of this world their skills are.


1. To create a one-page website to keep visitors entertained while they scroll down the page.
2. To maintain the spirit of what the logo and the company stand for throughout each section of the website.


1. At the top of the site, is a quote from the client that defines who they are. On the top right, you see the hamburger menu that when clicked a measuring tape scrolls out and displays the menu. As you scroll down more information will transitionally appear.
2. To maintain the company’s theme each section contains blue paint dripping and in other sections, it contains tools that used to do their service.

What’s next?

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