Logical Snack

(This is a personal project.)

Project Description

This small brand design is an authentic personal project meant to demonstrate the uniqueness of this packaging design.  The aim was to build a brand that would depict a story as soon as you glanced at it.  This tasty natural organic snack is not only good for you but also packaged in a 100% recycled paper.


1. To make a brand that would show its core value as soon as you look at it.
2. What would name and logo of a set company be like?
3. What types of products would this company sell and how would they look?


1. This made-up company was created to showcase what a company with certain core value would look like. In this case, the company’s core value would be a natural snack that would appeal to the health conscious and have A 100% Recycled Package For The Leave No Trace Behind Enthusiast.
2. The logo had to be something simple, clean and easy to read. A logo that would make everyone feel like they’ve been making the wrong choice of snacks this whole time. The name Logical Snack was born and with a small plant growing from the letter O, to let everyone know that is an all natural/organic product.
3. This company’s products are all naturally dehydrated fruits. The bags contain a window for everyone to see their favorite snacks at a moment’s notice or while walking down the grocery aisle.

What’s next?

Take a look at these designs.

Tea Forte Digital Rendering
Golden Builder Construction