Golden Builder Construction

Project Description

Golden Builder Construction is a woman-owned business in a male-run industry demonstrating that any woman can be a disruptor. To stand out from the crow, the client decided to start her business with a strong brand presence.


1. To make a logo design that would have a deeper meaning behind it.
2. To design a website that would compliment the logo and accommodate the client’s vision.
3. The ability to showcase her brand in different mediums for different occasions while keeping design feel consistency/brand identity.


1. In collaboration with the client, we started with a significant number of sketch iterations and narrowing it down to the one with the most impact and branding flexibility.
2. A clean, modern website with great UX (User Experience) and great UI (User Interface) to go with the logo’s look and feel.
3. We made a stationery brand design that would include but not limited to business cards, letterheads, yard signs, brochures, etc. for all her marketing needs.

What’s next?

Take a look at these designs.

Golden Builder Construction
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