Capsule Corp

(This is a personal project.)

Project Description

A digitally painted small lipstick brand meant to look and feel as realistic possible. The product was inspired by the Capsules used in the anime series Dragon Ball Z.


1. To create a set of women’s lips and products from scratch.
2. How would the product be different and/or better than others?


1. To complete this challenge I decided digitally paint them using Adobe Photoshop. A great number of reference photos were used to have a better understanding of how the cracks on the lips looked under different lighting conditions. The Pen Tool was used to create the perfect shape of the lipstick.
2. It would come in a small packaging size of around 2.5 inches in length for ease of storage, befitting of the capsule name. The lipstick would be smooth, translucent and glossy like a candy, yet dense for durability.

What’s next?

Take a look at these designs.

Golden Builder Construction
Tea Forte Packaging
Tea Forte Digital Rendering