أكتوبر, 2019

Teapot Chrome Reflections

Created: 25 أكتوبر 2019

Why is chrome surface hard to photograph? High gloss polished Stainless Steel with a mirror-like chrome surface. It reflects all of its surroundings and unwanted objects that may distract from the product as a whole.

As you can see in the original image, there's an overwhelming amount of details being reflected on the surface of the product. Even by having perfect lighting and a well set up the studio, the photo still needs editing clean up and retouching.

Here have circled the main conflicting areas that need to be edited out from the product. Removing all of these elements in the reflection, it's not easy to have a clear reflection. At this point that reflections themselves will need to be recreated for the most part. Before I start editing the image, I had to get good a sense of the space in which the product is in. Doing that allows me to know what do I want the reflections to be. I had to rebuild the wall the surface of the table in the lights while still keeping a sense of their high, mid, and dark tones. Keeping in mind that the sharp edges and lines within the reflection to keep it clean and not to lose the chrome feel.