Sweet Scent Branding

(This is a personal project done in collaboration with another designer.)

Project Description

This brand establishes how sweet life can be. Flowers are known to have an unforgettable scent which is why this brand was shaped as a flower. The choice of green for the plug stands out to demonstrate the authenticity that the product can have on the environment. No matter the color life doesn’t get much sweeter than this.


1. To create a company with a product that would target a specific audience.
2. In this project, we wanted to create a logo and product that would look really similar to each other.


1. We decided to create this made-up company that targets an audience of young girls 8 to 12 years old and mothers with children around that those ages. The product’s functionality would be as an air freshener, releasing a sweet floral scent when plugged to the wall and at the same time it lights up.
2. The challenging part of this project was to create a logo that looked similar to the product without knowing what set product was going to look like. We decided to create the logo first. The logo main inspiration was flowers and soft feminine colors, lots of multiple iterations were created until the final satisfying result was accomplished.