Miguelina Branding

​Project Description

From the moment you pick up this Miguelina Restaurant brochure the first thing that stands out is the rustic lines that demonstrate hard work and time spent perfecting the culinary craft. Meanwhile, the clean layout and the blue color demonstrate the tranquility that the restaurant atmosphere has to offer.


1. Create a custom logo wordmark drawn in a script style.
2. Redesign their brochure to accommodate and complement the new look of the restaurant.


1. With lots of trial and error, different types of lettering were made by hand using pencil and paper. Thanks to the client’s feedback we arrived at a conclusion that defines the personality of the client while at the same time doesn’t take away from its readability.
2. The restaurants look is a combination of rustic and modern style. The tables have a rustic and worn-out look of peeling paint at the top. The brochure’s front has the same texture as the table but on the inside of a clean modern easy to navigate layout.