A unique way of creating a cotton ball in Cinema 4D. When creating something like this first thing you would probably do is to apply a Hair Object to a Sphere Object. But if you would like it to generate from nothing in an animation this is a cool way to do so.

Start by clicking on the Emitter Object under Simulate main menu bar.

Under the Emitter Object properties click on the Particle tab. Change the Birthrate Editor and for the Birthrate Renderer to 100 for now. Change the Speed to -10 cm.

On the Emitter tab change the X-Size and Y-Size to 0 cm. The Angle Horizontal to 360 and the Angle Vertical to 180.
Click the Include tab change Mode from Exclude to Include you’ll be adding your particles modifiers below.

Add the Turbulence modifier, which you can find under Simulate in the main menu bar within the Particles section.

Turbulence properties: Object tab change the Strength to 200 cm and the Scale to 65%.

Add the Friction modifier.

Friction properties: Within the Object tab change the Strength to 500.

Falloff tab change the Shape to Sphere.
Click to check on the Invert option.
Size change everything to 1000 cm.
Falloff change to 65%.

Click on the Emitter Object. While selected click on the Tracer Object under the MoGraph section in the main menu.

Under the Tracer properties within the Object tab makes sure that the Emitter is within the Trace Link.

Select the Tracer Object and go to the Create section on the main menu and click on the Hair Material.

Apply the Hair Material to the Tracer Object.

Double click on the Hair Material to open up the Material Editor. Change the color to White.

Click on Thickness, change the Root and Tip to 1cm.

Don’t forget to press PLAY and see how the Tracer Object traces behind each particle. You might want to increase your Emitter particles (Birthrate Editor and Birthrate Renderer) to 1000 for more threads.