How do we differ from others?

Visual Accuracy was born from the public’s necessity to showcase their business in a striking,  engaging way.

Welcome to our space were we pride ourselves on providing great communication from beginning to end; we’ll be aware and ready to respond to all of your questions,

we take your ideas and make them come true.


You’ll always be able to count on us

for the resolution of visual dilemmas.

I’m Claudio Rafael,

Founder of Visual Accuracy.


I was born in Consuelo, San Pedro de Macoris

in the Dominican Republic.

I studied Graphic Design at Middlesex Community College.


I’m passionate about making Logo Designs, Illustrations, and cool 3D renderings.

 I have a fun personality that loves to think outside the box and let my creative mind

set run wild but only when it needs to.

Some of my favorite software to use are: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Cinema 4D.


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